2015/2016 Membership Rates

Membership Type Description Price
Family Membership For Married Couples, Civil Union Partners or Single Parents and their dependent children under the age of 25.

Family Members can rent a locker, if available.
Single Membership For an individual who is age 21 or older as of January 1st of the membership year, and who does not qualify under the Family Membership category.

Single Members can rent a locker, if available.
Competition Membership For any individual who is a participant in the Competition Program (including Mount Snow Academy athletes) and whose parent(s) are not ski club members. $60.00
Associate Membership For an adult between the ages 25 and 35 whose parent(s) are also current members of the club.

Associate Members are not eligible to rent a locker.

VOLUNTEER BOND: A $100 Volunteer Bond is required for all Family Memberships and Competition Memberships with a child in either the Competition Program or Mount Snow Academy. The Bond is $100 per family (not per child). The bond repaid to you at the end of the season if you volunteer to assist in one MSSC event.