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It's been great to see everyone these last few weeks. Programs are up and running,skiing and riding have been great, and the carpenter is just about finished with the punch list of items in order to fully complete the rebuild. All in all, things are running smoothly!

A few things as we move into the busier time of year and holiday period:

Those of you here the past couple of weekends have probably noticed Briana Carroll, our cleaning person, during the busy lunch hours helping to keep things tidy. She has been doing an incredible job, and we are grateful for her efforts. That being said, her being on hand during lunch does not mean folks can just leave trash behind or dirty dishes in the sink. Please continue to clean up after yourselves and remind children to do the same. It is important we respect other members, our new space, and Briana's efforts.

We are only a few weekends into the season and we are already going through an INSANE number of paper cups. We have loads of ceramic and reusable mugs and cups in the cabinets, and we really need to encourage people to start using them. PLEASE!!! Each weekend we will put out a set number of paper cups and once we go through those, that's it. We don't mean to be stingy, but it just isn't sustainable -- environmentally and economically -- to use the number paper cups we are. Again, we have lots reusable mugs available for you to use.

Also please refamiliarize yourself with our house rules. They are listing on this website. Also please use the cubbies to store your bags! We need bags up and off the floor.

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