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The Mount Snow Ski Club (MSSC) was founding in 1979. Beginning as little more than a warming hut, MSSC has grown in size, scope and offerings. Today MSSC is supported by over 270 family, adult, and competitor memberships.

The Mount Snow Ski Club was initially organized to promote recreational and competitive winter sports activities at Mount Snow. This remains a central component to our mission and in recent years, our development and competition programs have grown, diversified, and have met with great success.

The levels of competition range from local events through USSA sanctioned state or regional events to highest level USSA national and Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) international competition. For youngsters interested in furthering their on-snow training and competitive skills, the Alpine Training Center at Mount Snow offers everything they will need to take them as far as they want to go.

In addition, MSSC has evolved into vibrant membership of individuals and families that enjoy the growing amenities and activities the club has to offer – a comfortable and well-appointed private facility, a full calendar of social events, day and seasonal storage – just to name a few.

MSSC shares the building with the Mount Snow Competitive Program. However, as our own 501c3 entity, we are not legally affiliated with Mount Snow Resort but have a long standing relationship with the mountain, and as part of our mission, MSSC enthusiastically supports competitive activities (alpine, freestyle, and snowboard). While there is a strong social component to MSSC, we are committed to helping our young athletes’ experience world-class training while developing solid and relevant skills.

Membership is currently full, but individuals and families are welcome to join the waiting list. Membership is available to all persons who support the stated purpose and pay the dues.

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